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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Green Witch Garden Apothecary Sacred Oracle Candles

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Green Witch Garden Apothecary’s Sacred Oracle Candles 

Each Candle contains one Tarot Card which is wrapped in fire-resistant aluminum and is revealed as the candle burns down. 

Not for children.

Each card is from a single-deck in use at a time- each card is mindfully drawn for each candle, and another deck isn’t started until the previous deck is gone, so you know the candle(s) chosen for you are the ones meant for you- and you haven’t received one of several of the same cards from different decks. Decks vary. Link to current deck will be available for each candle. 

How to use Sacred Oracle Candles

  1. Prepare your area by placing your candle on a fire-proof surface. Marble, ceramic, or stone are ideal. Some crystals and glass surfaces can work, but use caution with glass, it can easily shatter or crack with direct flame, too much heat. Always have water nearby, and make sure your area is far from walls, curtains, paper, cardboard, etc. We recommend you have some chopsticks or tweezers nearby in case you want to remove your card before it falls completely free. 

The Sacred Oracle Candles are sold in a travel tin, but due to the size of the candle, they will overflow the tin they come in. You must put them on a fire-proof surface, and do not leave them or any candle unattended.

  1. Set your Intentions for what this candle will reveal to you. We like to write out intention down to have nearby, as the act of writing the intention reinforces and clarifies them even more. Setting an intention doesn’t have to be overly complicated- some of our favorites are, “I choose to gain insight into my life, my future is mine to create.” or “I am seeking clarity.” or “I trust my intuition.”
  2. The length of time the candle burns varies, but most will be fully revealed within half-an-hour to an hour. We like to use this time to meditate, focusing gently on the play of the candle, and the playfulness of allowing our intuition the freedom to guide us. We do not recommend using the cards to “predict” the future- but rather to illuminate your own intuition, and gain insight into your own beliefs, fears and hopes. There is some real guidance when you realize what you want to see or not see, and how you interpret your card is exactly how you are meant to interpret it.
  3. As the packet with the candle is revealed, please take the time until it is fully melted around the aluminum or the packet has fallen over and out, clear of the candle. Use patience- the wax is hot!!! It will burn you if you touch it or the aluminum packet before it is fully dry and cool- use extreme caution. 
  4. If the packet falls clear, you may note the direction it falls in for extra intuitive guidance. If you remove the packet, we recommend using tweezers or chopsticks. Allow the packet to sit for a minute or two before you open it. In most cases, the candle will continue to burn in the travel tin. 
  5. Unwrap the aluminum to reveal your card. There will be a coat of wax on the packet and possibly the card itself. Wax is hot when wet and messy when dry- open the card over a plate or table. Unroll your card. Sit with it for as long as you can, before looking to a guide or other source for insights into the cards traditional Tarot type meaning. The more time you spend, the more you will surprise yourself with what comes to you in this state of allowance. 
  6. Send us a pic of your card and tag us,  and you’ll be entered to win a set of Green Witch Garden Apothecary Herbal Oracle cards at first release! 
  7. When you tag us with your card,  we’ll also dm you the information on your card from the specific deck.  Many cards come with a guide, and while this isn’t really necessary to read your card, it can add to your insight. Likewise, your card can be interpreted through any tarot guide that feels right to you.