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We are located in Southeast Alaska, and at this time we do not have a physical shop. We are in the office and respond to emails as soon as possible in normal business hours.

 (360)-770-6035 is the best number to reach us. 


We're so happy you’ve found your way to Green Witch Garden Apothecary!

We are Ember and Dasha- Hello from Southeast Alaska! We have been best friends for over 25 years, raising our families and creating our magic in some of the wildest, remote places in the world. 

Now, through Green Witch Garden Apothecary and Garden Notes, we work together to cultivate, grow and share everything that makes a magical life of conscious creation. 

For us, living in a variety of places from the most remote Alaska to the city, we have found the most peace with our hands in Mother Earth, growing plants, using plants to meditate, ground and connect, creating for the spirit and body.

We work with a variety of mediums at the Apothecary. Dasha is a talented artist/maker, as well as an expert houseplant familiar. Ember, an artist and writer, loves to create plant based magic and share the power of meditation. 

From organic plants that we harvest or source from small, organic farms, we create Sacred Candles, Distillates and Offerings from our partners creating products from love, who align with our vision of a soul-care apothecary- a place to shine light and nurture every part of ourselves, inside and out, as well as to cultivate conscious ways to celebrate and enhance our connection. 

Our Sacred Candles are ,hand made with intention and love, infused with our own blends of plants and oils, steamed in our Apothecary made florasols and hydrosols. We use them for intention setting and meditation. 

Florasol Sprays are made using a mix of ancient and modern methods of steam and hydro distillation, creating luxuriously hydrating  and other plant powered infusions that approach beauty rituals from a SOUL DEEP level, and not from a place of wanting to change, cover up or conform to any beauty other than our own.

Clear, fresh, GLOWING skin and a free spirit is the wonderful side effect of the peace, harmony and deep down warmth of Chakra’s that are flowing and a mind that is still with intention.

We have been blessed with many opportunities to share our deep love in our business, by creating from a place of sharing the best of what’s inside of us...  What moves us, what inspires us, and what we have practiced every single day, day in and day out, without ever realizing how special and meaningful these habits were, and how truly, they were the essence of us: our ancient knowledge, and how we apply it, are our super powers.  

Our soul led journey has led us to find and appreciate the tools and beliefs to align with my dreams and find peace from anxiety and the pressure to conform rather than to be the author of our own life stories, by using tools rooted in NLP, EFT, EMDR and Ancient Knowledge that deeply connects with inner wisdom and leads to a soul inspired life.


About Evening Star Arts

Evening Star is a woman with the soles of her feet entrenched in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Born in a hand-hewn log cabin in Meyers Chuck, Alaska, she has maintained a deep connection with the environment around her ever since drawing her first breath.

The sea, the wind, the forest, the earth, these are where Evening Star is in her element.

Her entire life has been lived in the ebb and flow of the seasons of Southeast Alaska. As the mother of one child she strives to raise her son in connection with, and in tune to, the natural world that surrounds her.

Evening Star strives to create soaps and salves in harmony with the land and sea she thrives in, to bring the scents and beauty of Southeast Alaska into your home and into your life. She develops all her soaps and salves from intuition and guidance from within and without- drawing from her Finnish roots, her knowledge of plants, harvesting and gathering, and her passion for creating. 

Awaken your senses to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us and is often overlooked in our increasingly urban lives. Evening Star's soaps and salves are a reflection of her commitment to nature and sustainable living in sync with our environment.

Contact Evening Star: eveningstararts@gmail.com

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Through tiny rituals and small moments of sacredness in our ancient knowledge, like meditation, breathing, water and the natural elements of the world around us, we can connect back to our deepest, truest self and meet the world with compassion, wisdom, and intention.



What is your Ancient Knowledge? What are the super powers that lead your Soul Led life? How are you sharing what you know, and how can we help each other? 

Green Witch Garden Notes is a group in which we support one another’s intentions, hear each other’s progress and share in each others growth.

 When we come together in pure love and support, we are so much stronger, and we remember that we aren’t alone.

We practice mindfulness, and share with each other ways we find peace, ways we cultivate energy, and how our intuition are calling us toward a soul led life, business, personal, and everything in between for modern women in a beautifully scientific, utterly magical Universe on a non-traditional spiritual path.

And, if you’re just starting out on a path you may have never expected, but it feels right, join us and share your journey so that we can support you and learn from you as we all evolve more and more into our true selves.



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